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Full name Raphael BENSAID - TRAINER
Topics How to stop procastinating Leadership & Motivation Optimising your Capacities Self-confidence
Language French
Fee range 3.000 - 10.000 €
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Raphael Bensaid is a keynote speaker, certified personal coach and trainer. This young entrepreneur is known as the self-confidence specialist that will trigger your motivation! Relying on his international and national experience, Raphael will give you strong insights on how to develop your potential and how to optimize and obtain concrete and sustainable results. This motivation and self-confidence specialist strongly believes that the ability to know yourself and your potential can determine your path in both personal and professional life.

His expertise is based on effective practical tools and techniques which enable professionals from both the private and public sectors to acknowledge their full potential, optimize their performance and achieve their goals. Tangible and long-lasting results prove how effective Raphael’s expertise is!

After years of Medical studies and various experiences in the banking sector, Raphael has developed skills in understanding human behaviors and interactions. This self-confidence coach and trainer loves to share his expertise with the participants. His genuine interest for people and sensitivity speak for themselves when he performs.

Raphael will help you develop your self-confidence and motivation, whether you are a junior or a senior in your professional life. He has delivered trainings for local and international companies such as Marriott Group, Chambers of Commerce and various organizations.

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  • “Quatre clés pour avoir confiance en soi”  E-book.



  • « Très positif ! Méthodologie intelligible, facile d’appréhension et applicable à la vie personnelle comme professionnelle. Cet atelier m’a permis de prendre conscience qu’il faut travailler sur la confiance en soi et identifier les points de blocages. » – Nadia, 32 ans, Créatrice
  • « Un atelier constructif qui permet de s’exprimer clairement par rapport à soi-même et de se faire comprendre des autres. Merci pour ce moment de partage. » Mony, 47 ans, Street Food
  • « Intervention très claire. Une pédagogie adaptée pour une compréhension optimale. Raphael est à l’écoute des participants pour s’assurer qu’ils suivent et comprennent bien. Cela permet de hiérarchiser ses idées, les mettre par écrit, pour passer à l’action concrètement. » Alexis, 38 ans, Juriste