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Nigel Barlow – Speaker

Full name Nigel Barlow - Speaker
Known for A dynamic and entertaining business speaker who has opened and closed conferences for dozens of the world’s leading organisations
Topics Change Management Futurology Innovation Leadership & Motivation Society and Culture
Language English
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Delivering a vital business message in an entertaining and often hilarious manner, Nigel Barlow has opened and closed conferences for dozens of the world’s leading organisations, from Apple to Unilever. He is well known to major organisations in the Nordic region, and is foolhardy enough to favour the after-lunch spot at conferences. His aim is simple – to do each new event better than the last one.

Nigel lives in Oxford, England and Heathrow Departures lounge. He was a founding director of the Tom Peters Company in Europe, and spends his time speaking, coaching, and consulting on Innovation and Creativity. He has been described by clients as one of the world’s most dynamic and entertaining business speakers. His highly interactive and compelling presentations cross any perceived boundaries between individual and organisational approaches to innovation. He has also been labelled an Agent Provocateur, Creative Coach, and Business Rocker; music is one of the many fields outside stuffy business-think that he draws upon to inspire fresh ideas.

Nigel’s first book was about Creativity and the Customer: Batteries Included – Creating Legendary Customer Service (Random House). World-famous service brands such as Lexus have adopted his notion of becoming legendary for their customer experience. His thinking on creativity is encapsulated in Re-think: How To Think Differently (Capstone), which explores how a parrot, children, a siesta, and Bob Dylan can help you rethink possibilities in your life or enterprise. These are provocative and mould-breaking approaches, which Nigel applies to his own life and businesses as well as his clients. For example, his life-long experience as a practitioner and qualified teacher of meditation and stress management has helped him to understand the true power of the mind in ways far beyond the pop psychology prevalent today.

Starting his professional life as an Oxford-educated Barrister was the first major thing he needed to re-think in his 20’s. Since then, he’s learned to think for himself, a skill he’s passionate about passing on to you and your people. If you want to annoy him call him a ‘consultant’, or simply use the expression, ‘think outside the box.’ The new agenda for society and business is more radical: it’s to change the box.


Topics Nigel speaks about or runs interactive sessions on are:

  • Re-think: How To Think
  • Mind Set – Mind Free
  • Why Attitudes Make Or Break Organizations
  • Winning Ways – Learning From Others How To Choose Success
  • Shaping The Future – How Creative Storytelling Can Transform Your Life And Business
  • Creating Legendary Customer Experiences – How To Become Famous For Service Legends
  • Fanatical About Talent – The All-time Top Seven Of People Development
  • What Innovation Really Means – A New Language For Business Creativity
  • Business Rocks – What’s Your Real Company



  • Batteries Included – Creating Legendary Customer Service
  • Re-think – How To Think Differently