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Mathias Haas – Speaker

Full name Mathias Haas - Speaker
Known for Mathias Haas is THE TRENDWATCHER. He helps his audience to navigate the future - in a practical way
Topics Change Management Economy and Globalization Futurology Innovation Leadership & Motivation Technology and Big Data
Language English, German
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Mathias Haas is THE TRENDWATCHER. He entirely lives and works Here & Now.

His business is not about phantasy, but about reality.

“I’m not talking about 2030, but about all the topics that will challenge us in the very near future.” – this is how Haas, the former banker and marketing and sales director, describes the key objectives of his work. “Managers need to report back every month or maybe quarterly. Hence, decisions are not being made for the next 3 decades, but for the 3 years to come.”

In the course of his career, he did participate in over one hundred product and service launches – a great base for knowledge and methods that help to identify and judge both existing and upcoming trends. His worldwide network of business masterminds and great thinkers allows him to scrutinise and verify his findings.

Yet, he continues to emphasise: “In theory, anyone who is willing to roam the world with his eyes open can become a TRENDWATCHER.”

Haas offers vivid transfer from the actual trend into the middle of the business case of his audience. Mega trends become tangible – how remote they may have ever seemed before. This way, a manufacturer of industrial cleaning equipment finds out why robots will be an essential business prospect. The car manufacturer can learn why it’s better to love people instead of engineering. In principle, trend is a headline for a new behaviour – and mega trends are the biggest headlines of all. No surprise that this can be an explosive mixture, but at the same time offers much room for new business models.

Mathias Haas’ speeches are tailored to the client’s business type and audience and will be full of product and service examples. Often, the latter seem somehow exotic – at least to those who consider the earth to be a disc and for decision makers who assume that there is lots of time until the future begins.


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  • Audio Book (sold out)


  • Column on trends for magazines “NITRO” and “absatzwirtschaft”
  • Various press articles within different sectors