“Luxembourg for Finance is the Agency for the development of the Luxembourg financial centre and organiser of the Luxembourg Financial Forum, an event to which guests are personally invited by the Prime Minister. In this context, we confirm that we had the opportunity of working with Judith Bogner. On four occasions she moderated a round table discussion at the Forum and from year to year we were very particular in our request to Bloomberg to let us have Judith in this role.

The round tables moderated by Judith were on the following topics:

Forum 2007: Regulatory Frameworks for Global Finance – Opportunities and Challenges

Forum 2008: Financial Markets: Trapped in a Global Crisis?

Forum 2009: The Future Role of Finance: Creating Value for the Real Economy

Forum 2010: Are New Financial Practices Showing the Way?

Judith has a lively manner of moderating a debate and demonstrated mastery of a range of financial topics. She was well prepared on each occasion and moderated the panels with skill. She was also diligent in attending the formal receptions to which she added value as ambassadress for Bloomberg. We were always impressed by the job Judith did and have no hesitation in recommending her. She is serious, methodic and extremely effective in her work, and her engaging personality has made her a friend of Luxembourg for Finance.” – FERNAND GRULMS – CEO Luxembourg for Finance