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Freya Hoffmeister – Speaker

Full name Freya Hoffmeister - Speaker
Known for A highly-skilled open ocean-paddler who became the first person to kayak around South America & Australia
Topics Sports and Adventure Women
Language English, German
Fee range 3.000 - 10.000 €
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Freya Hoffmeister, 50, also known as “Freya Shakti“, “Goddess of Love to the Seas” or “Fearless“, is a highly-skilled open ocean-paddler who has undertaken the two world’s greatest timed sea kayaking continental circumnavigations.

From August 2011 until May 2015 she absolved the first ever circumnavigation of the whole South American continent by sea kayak (K1), solo and unsupported. During that trip she completed about 27.000 km and 30 months of solo paddling in four legs. Her motto for this trip was “THINK BIGGER!”.

An all-round paddling athlete, Freya enjoys also surf ski racing, open water marathon and Greenland style rolling. Competitively, Freya also won the overall woman’s category at the 2006 Greenland National Championships, taking 8 golds in Greenland-kayak rolling and racing – never had an overseas competitor been so successful. Freya’s achievements in endurance open ocean paddling and numerous other sports are nothing short of super-human.