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Felix Bernhard – Speaker

Full name Felix Bernhard - Speaker
Known for The only person in the world who has completed a 5.500km pilgramageto Jerusalem - alone and in a wheelchair
Topics Sports and Adventure Travel
Language English, German
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For over 20 years, Felix Bernhard has been celebrating his birthday twice a year: first on his actual day of birth and also to give thanks that he survived a major motorcycle accident.

Prior to becoming a paraplegic in 1993, he spent over three years in the USA completing his Master of Business Administration (MBA). Returning to Germany, he worked in various management positions for large financial institutions. In 2012, he decided to fulfill his lifetime dream by traveling in a wheelchair to Jerusalem, a story unheard of.

As a former competitive athlete, he has written two books. His first book “Dem eigenen Leben auf der Spur, Als Pilger auf dem Jakobsweg” ( “Follow your own path, as a pilgrim on the Camino de Santiago”) hit the bestseller lists for 15 weeks making it a top 100 bestseller for the year. Against all odds he managed the Camino de Santiago, making ​​the impossible possible: overcoming steep mountain paths and endless plains under the scorching sun and torrential rain, alone and in a wheelchair.

In his second book “Weglaufen ist nicht“ (Simply not running away”) he explains what makes him strong today and how any life changing experience can benefit you to the maximum.

Today, Felix Bernhard lives in Frankfurt where he works as a self-employed consultant for large institutions.  He transports his experiences to large audiences all over the world with an authentic and fascinating manner. One forgets that this man cannot walk, he encourages his audience to stand up for a true and fulfilling life experience.

Check Felix’s work as a professional trainer. Click here to view Felix’s trainer profile.



  • Alone in a wheelchair on the Way of St James
  • Life / Love your dream – 5500 kilometre, 9 countries, alone – and in a wheelchair
  • You cannot run away – another view on life
  • Days of the breakthrough – to leave marks
  • Private communication: A solution for everything (Workshop/Speech)
  • Lust for life – the power of the inner attitude (Workshop/Speech)
  • With a clear goal – manage your success (Workshop/Speech)



  • Dem eigenen Leben auf der Spur – als Pilger auf dem Jakobsweg
  • Weglaufen ist nicht: Eine andere Perspektive aufs Leben


  • Menschen – das Magazin, 8 Minuten Film (ZDF) über Reise auf dem Jakobsweg


  • Scheitern: Die Schattenseite des Daseins – Die Chance zur Selbsterneuerung (Herausgeber: Prof. Pechlaner et. Al, Erich Schmidt Verlag)


  • Stipendium des Landes Baden-Württemberg zum Studium in den USA. MBA erworben.