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Inspiring-Speakers top 10 tips to finding the right speaker:

Selecting the right speaker or performer is one of the most important elements in a successful event. We are happy to help you and are convinced these tips will help make your event a great success.

  1. Determine the needs of your audience

The first step is to thoroughly assess the needs of your audience. Understanding your requirements is essential in helping us select the right speaker for you. Does your meeting require that the audience leave with specific or technical information? Do you need someone to motivate the group to sell? Are you looking for after-dinner entertainment with a message, or corporate entertainment for a conference closing session?

  1. Establish your date, time and budget

As soon as you have the date for your event you should start looking for a speaker/performer as many speakers/performers book engagements up to a year in advance. Assess how much time you require for your speaker/performer and where that time falls into your overall programme. We are here to help advise on the right amount of time required and recommend the order of topics/speakers if one presentation is to follow another. Finally, it is essential to factor in the fee you are willing or able to pay for a speaker/performer. Your search for a speaker/performer can be narrowed or broadened based upon your budget.

  1. Identify the type of speaker/performer who will best match the needs of your audience

A speaker’s/performer’s expertise in a given field may be the big draw, but a well-known name does not always mean the best speech/performance. For a successful speech/performance it is essential to select the best individual for the needs of your audience. Ask yourself “Will your audience and the overall programme benefit most from a celebrity; an expert in the field; a popular sports personality; a best-selling author; or a business speaker with a thorough knowledge of the appropriate subject?”

  1. Ask for recommendations

As a firmly established consultancy we are able to provide excellent recommendations to match your brief and then book a speaker or entertainment to suit your event and budget.

  1. Make a shortlist from the recommendations

We recommend that once you have a list of possible speakers/performers you reduce it to ideally three and ask us to check their availability. Some speakers/performers have video clips, websites or testimonials available to help you narrow your choices. Many speakers/performers will tailor their presentations to your requirements.

  1. Select your speaker

Ask about your options, when selecting your speaker/performer bear in mind that you are not only paying for and tailoring their speech/performance. Some may negotiate their fees if  they are doing more than one event for you or if they are allowed to sell their products such as books.

  1. Get it in writing

When you book a speaker/performer their time on stage but also for the hours spent researching, preparing with Inspiring-Speaker we will issue a contract to both you and the speaker/performer that clearly outlines the expectations of both. Factors considered may include:

  • travel arrangements and transportation
  • accommodation and meals
  • fees and payment terms
  • whether you want the speaker/performer to attend social events
  • an agreement on whether the presentation may be audio or video taped for internal purposes
  • background details
  • audio/visual requirements
  1. Work with your speaker/performer

Share information about your group or company such as newsletters, key people, buzz words, insider news and views. This will help them become familiar with your organisation and will assist in producing a customised presentation. Give them a clear outline of what you expect. Be specific about the size and demographics of your audience and let them know in advance about any other speakers/performers on the programme. This will give them the opportunity to build on and not duplicate what other speakers/performers have to say.

  1. Set the stage

Arrange the room for optimum impact. Consider staging, room temperature, lighting, sound production and seating plan. Keep your event on schedule. Have a short, energising and creative introduction for the speaker/performer and their topic. Your speaker/performer can assist you with this.

  1. Evaluate the results

Have your audience complete evaluations on the presentation. This will allow you to gauge your results and plan future events. Send copies of the evaluations to Inspiring-Speaker, especially any testimonials.